South Capitol Street Trail

Project Overview

The South Capitol Street Trail Project will extend the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail into the southernmost areas of the District of Columbia, filling a bicycle and pedestrian travel void for local communities, employment centers, and connecting users to the regional trail network.  

With preliminary design complete, the project is envisioned to consist of a 10-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian trail stretching 3.8 miles from the South Capitol Street and Firth Sterling Avenue SE intersection, southward along South Capitol Street/Overlook Avenue to Laboratory Road, eastward under the I¬295 overpass to Shepherd Parkway, and terminating at the Oxon Hill Farm Trail along DC Village Lane. 

With more than 70 percent of this corridor lacking basic sidewalks, the project will greatly improve the area’s non-motorized transportation infrastructure for local residents and provide a new commuting option for the thousands of employees working at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) and the developing St. Elizabeth's West Campus. 

In addition, the trail will provide a critical connection to other trails in the District, Maryland and Virginia. The north end of the project will lead to the soon to be completed Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge (FDMB) and the District trail network that runs along both sides of the Anacostia River. With the FDMB trail connection, this project will connect to the city’s downtown and memorial areas. The south end will connect to an existing Maryland trail that crosses the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and links with additional regional trails in Virginia.  

The project is currently in the final design stage with key elements under design, including the overall trail alignment, adjacent current and future traffic configurations, and stormwater management plans.