Overview of AWI

The 30-year Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI) is transforming the shores of the Anacostia River into a world-class waterfront. Led by the District of Columbia government and embraced by 19 regional and federal agency partners, the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative area straddles the Anacostia River and weaves through District Wards 5, 6, 7 and 8, stretching from the Tidal Basin to the District’s northeast border with Maryland.

Initiated in 2000, AWI promises a clean river environment, new parks and other recreational facilities, more job-creating commercial centers, revitalized residential neighborhoods and multi-modal transportation options.

A host of District Department of Transportation (DDOT) infrastructure projects chronicled on this website will serve as the spine upon which this renaissance takes hold and thrives. By providing better mobility – for walkers, cyclists, transit riders and drivers – these projects will reconnect communities on both sides to the river and to each other.

In 2003, the Anacostia Waterfront Framework Plan (AWI Plan) put forth a visionary and ambitious agenda for the revitalization of the Anacostia waterfront as a world-class destination and the center of 21st century Washington, DC.  The AWI Plan set in motion the implementation of a comprehensive blueprint for transformation including new mixed-income neighborhoods, environmental restoration, transportation infrastructure, enhanced public access, new connected parks, and cultural destinations. This website is dedicated in particular to implementation of the transportation vision of the AWI Plan which is further detailed in the AWI Transportation Master Plan. For further information about the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative more generally, please see the DC Office of Planning webpage.

Key Elements of AWI