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AWI Master Plan

As part of the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI), the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is pursuing a plan to reshape the area’s transportation infrastructure into a network that improves access for residents, commuters, and visitors while also improving the area’s environmental quality. DDOT’s objective is to reconnect communities through the replacement of outdated and deteriorating facilities with innovative infrastructure solutions. 


To accomplish these aims in the AWI area, DDOT has developed the AWI Transportation Master Plan (Master Plan). The Master Plan was initiated by DDOT to organize the studies and projects underway in the AWI study area into a comprehensive program. It describes DDOT’s project development process for implementing the AWI vision. It also provides details of each project’s current progress, as well as a snapshot of the status of DDOT’s AWI transportation program as a whole.This document presents the current implementation schedule as of publication in 2014. Given the realities of the project development process as well as political and funding cycles, this program will change over time. However, the Master Plan is intended to provide more than a set of projects. It is also intended to provide goals and a set of criteria that will remain applicable as circumstances affecting the set of projects change.

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