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Anacostia Metro Pedestrian Bridge

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Project Overview


The Anacostia Metro Pedestrian Bridge project includes the design of a pedestrian bridge between the south entrance site at the Anacostia Metrorail Station and the Barry Farm development.


The Anacostia Metrorail Station located in the District of Columbia’s Anacostia neighborhood has two entrances, to the north and the south. The south entrance site is approximately 3.17 acres in size and is the main pedestrian and bike access point for passengers coming from the surrounding neighborhood. Pedestrians can access the south entrance from Howard Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. A bridge is needed at the south edge of the site as the topography between Suitland Parkway and the Metrobus facilities prohibits pedestrian access to and from the Barry Farm neighborhood.


There is sufficient buildable area on Metro’s property to accommodate the pedestrian bridge and the connecting ramps across Suitland Parkway for pedestrians and bicyclists to respond to current and future connectivity needs while blending community and Metro functionality.


The project is based on the three (3) transportation studies/analysis detailed below.



  • Connection between revitalized neighborhoods and the southern metro entrance of Anacostia Metro station.


  • 2006 Anacostia Transit Area Strategic Investment and Development Plan

  • 2016 Transportation planning study - Anacostia Metrorail Station Joint Development Analysis by WMATA

  • 2019 Barry Farm – Anacostia Metro Access Feasibility Analysis by MWCOG Transportation Land Use- Connections program.

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