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Parkside Pedestrian Bridge 

Project Overview

The Parkside Pedestrian Bridge will provide safe, well-lit, disabilities-accessible pedestrian travel between neighborhoods and a local Metrorail station now separated by DC 295 and two sets of railroad tracks just north of the Benning Road interchange.


Specifically, the bridge will more directly and safely connect the Mayfair neighborhood and proposed Parkside development to its west with the Minnesota Avenue Metrorail and Bus Transfer Stations, Downtown Ward 7 and the Deanwood Community to its east.


The bridge will be 400-feet-long with three spans and arches at each end. The sides of the bridge will be enclosed with a mesh screen. In addition, to reduce long-term bridge maintenance, repair and cost, the bridge will include sustainable design features, such as a weathering-steel truss with a natural brown patina that will never need to be painted, a metal roof, and a low maintenance deck.



On the west, or Kenilworth Terrace side, the bridge will touch down on public property but travel through the private property of the Parkside development with stairs and a roughly 350-foot-long disabilities-accessible ramp.

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