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AWI Trails

A host of District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and Trails chronicled on this website will serve as the spine that supports the overall Anacostia Waterfront Initiative.  By providing better mobility – for walkers, cyclists, transit riders and drivers – these projects will reconnect communities on both sides to the river and to each other.

See below to learn more about each of the trails included in the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative:

Anacostia Riverwalk Trail.jpg
Anacostia Riverwalk Trail 

The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail serves as a backbone of the Anacostia Waterfront, connecting residents, visitors and communities to the river, one another and numerous commercial and recreational destinations.

Arboretum Bridge Website picture2.jpg
Arboretum Bridge and Trail 

The Arboretum Bridge and Trail will be a key route designed specifically to provide the missing passageway between the Anacostia Waterfront and the U.S. National Arboretum, which alone garners over 500,000 visitors annually

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Trail 

This much-anticipated segment of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail is now complete and provides the missing link in an almost 60-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails between the District of Columbia and Maryland.

Lincoln Connector Trail.jpg
Lincoln Connector Trail

The Lincoln Connector Trail Project will provide an important connection in Wards 5 and 7 by providing a bike and pedestrian trail connection from Fort Lincoln and surrounding neighborhoods across the Anacostia River to join the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Segment of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail.

Shepherd Branch Trial 2023.PNG
Shepherd Branch Trail

The Shepherd Branch Trail is a proposed 3-mile-long, shared-use path that will extend from the intersection of Firth Sterling Road SE and South Capitol Street SE to E Street SE. The trail would connect the South Capitol Street Trail (currently in the design phase) to the Greenway neighborhood in Anacostia. 

South Capitol Trail.jpg
South Capitol Street Trail

The South Capitol Street Trail Project will extend the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail into the southernmost areas of the District of Columbia, filling a bicycle and pedestrian travel void for local communities.

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